Stripy Throw – My Floriade Version

23 Feb

My stripy throw won first prize in our local show!  It was first in the category of “Landmarks” of which I chose “Floriade” which is a local flower show that is on every year and displays the most beautiful tulips. I had changed the stripy throw pattern to include tulips which I had seen in a red heart pattern.  It also got a reserve champion award but I am not sure exactly what that means 🙂


The two most popular stripy throw patterns to follow are here:

Not Your Average Crochet:  I followed this one mainly except replacing the chevron with the tulips.

Little Woolie’s mixed stripy blanket. The original 🙂

photo 2(9)

This was before being blocked and before I put the border on it.  I was actually finishing this the night before the entry had to be in!

photo 2(10)

I used the ‘lucy pack’ from Deramores.  It is the Stylecraft DK pack.  Lovely yarn but a bit stretchy and I wish I had gone down half a hook size.  I used 5mm and should have used 4.5mm.

photo 3(5)

Blocking is below, which really helps as the rows are so uneven since they are all different.  Don’t worry if it looks all jagged as you go, you can flatten it out in the end.

photo 4(5)

There are some CAL’s on right now for this throw:

2014 Group CAL – Mixed Stitch Stripy Throw

Mixed Stitch Stripy Throw CAL


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